Annual meeting 2021

Here is the program for the Havforskermøte 2021:

Monday 22nd of November

17:00 – we start with the annual meeting of The Norwegian Association of Marine Scientists (NHF, Norsk Havforskerforening).  This is the formal part where the board presents the status and plans for the organization, and elects members of the board for the next year. Membership in NHF is free, so sign up here.

18:00 – after the annual meeting, we have two invited speakers to trigger some debate about observations and models. First Morten D. Skogen (senior researcher, Institute of Marine Research) asks Are models better than observations? Then we have Tom Langbehn (postdoc, University of Bergen) that may moderate this a bit and show how models and observations may be combined.

Tuesday 23rd of November

09:00 – We have invited some ocean scientists that use ocean observation technology actively in their research, and they present their technologies and how they may show the secrets of the organisms living there:

Tonje Sørdalen (UiA): Computer vision and cameras in the ocean 

Nils Olav Handegard (HI): Observing fish and plankton with acoustics 

Kasper Hancke – (NIVA): Mapping coastal habitats with drones SeaBee 

Keno Ferter (HI): Tagging bluefin tuna 

After presentations, we have some time for discussion and questions, before moving on to contributed presentations and poster sessions.

Tuesday evening: conference dinner!

Wednesday 24th of November

09:00 – Genetic methods and technology are improve constantly, and we have invited some leaders in the field to educate us on recent developments:

Torild Johansen (HI) Can we separate populations with genetics? 

Sissel Jentoft (UiO). Uncovering ecology and evolution of marine fishes using genome sequencing

Kim Præbel (UiT) What can eDNA and metabarkoding tell us? 

 After this we go on with contributed talks and posters, until 15:00 in the afternoon.

 We meet in Solstrand Fjordhotell – it is a beautiful place about 30 km from Flesland airport and Bergen centrum.

The registration deadline was 15th of October. Remember also to pay the registration fee by this date – and to send an abstract to us ( based on this template.

Looking forward to see you there!